A setting spray that will hold your makeup until the next morning!

One day I am going to regret this and wish that I had practiced better skincare but I have never been good with routinely washing my face and taking care of my skin. It’s terrible, I know! I am trying to get better but after a long day and being lucky to just get my daughter fed, bathed, in the bed, house cleaned up, dinner for my husband and I (maybe), I’m doing good to get in the bed by 11:30. Now I know so many other women deal with the same kind of day to day stress and can still manage their skincare regimen and for that, I applaud you! I don’t know why I can’t just make it a point to wash my face every night but here I go waking up in the morning looking like I let a raccoon do my makeup! Well, to my surprise, I got Coola makeup setting spray in my FAB FIT FUN Box and tried it for the first time! Let me just say, I don’t just go buy products to try or go by reviews because everyone is different and has different skin or preferences when it comes to beauty products. So therefore I have enjoyed a subscription to FAB FIT FUN. It gives me full size beauty products that I can try that are good quality brands.

Coola Makeup Setting Spray
$36.00 1.5 fl oz.

Coola Makeup Setting Spray is one of my products I got in my Fab Fit Fun Box! I didn’t try it right away because of course I am always hesitant when using a product for the first time so it sat on my makeup dresser for a few weeks. Well, a couple of nights ago my husband and I had a night without our daughter and last minute we decided to go somewhere. I was dreading getting ready though because of how hot it has been. I quickly just threw some gel in my hair and made it curly and started my makeup! I kept looking at this setting spray and told myself, “tonight is when you should try it.” I opened the box and was reading the bottle and they have a little ball or bead in the bottle because it made a sound when I shook it up. I guess to maybe keep things from getting settled together so it lasts longer. The bottle is a pretty ocean blue glass bottle that has a matte finish. When you spray it on it has a subtle floral/clean scent. It takes just a few seconds to dry and you’re ready to go! I got a little on my hands and it almost has a velvet feel to it. It isn’t greasy and I couldn’t feel it on my face but when I felt it on my finger tips, it felt really soft. Of course it was terribly hot and we were inside and outside that night but I really couldn’t feel my face sweating and when I would blot my face, I didn’t see any makeup actually coming off! I went to the bathroom towards the end of our night and I surprisingly didn’t look like I had been dragged through the dessert! My makeup was actually still in pretty good shape. my eye makeup wasn’t smudged, my mascara was still on point, and even some of my lipstick was still on. (I had rubbed some of it off when I ate) My face also wasn’t as oily as it would normally be when I wake up. All in all, I would if the makeup setting spray can keep my makeup from running or sweating off while i’m intending to have makeup on, it’s a WIN FOR ME! Give it a try and let me know what you think! 🙂

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